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mentalhealth.lk team is led by Dr. Mahesh Rajasuriya. He has been a consultant psychiatrist for about a decade now. In addition, he is a university teacher, a psychotherapist, a researcher, and civil a society activist.

This is website is maintained by mentalhealth.lk team. They help Dr. Mahesh Rajasuriya to provide clinical care and other services related to mental health. The concept of ‘mental health’ is viewed by them in a different way. Please read the text below to understand what is meant by mental health by the mentalhealth.lk team.

We hope you enjoy your life. And living is enjoyable to you. Or is it not?

Do you have pleasure in your life? Or it has become a rarity? Are you free? Or you fear the society, certain individuals and so on, and live in constant such fear? Are you satisfied with your life? No? How about your finances, love and care (what you receive as well as what you give), your contribution to others and the world? Satisfied?

Talking about your life’s pleasures, freedom and satisfaction is talking about mental health. Why do we need to talk about mental health? Then we may take our life, our pleasures, freedom and satisfaction, to a higher level. However, this is not greed resulting in seeking more and more pleasure and or ways to hoard money.


This website help you to address mental health of you and your loved ones in many ways.

You will find lots of useful information on a variety of topics related to mental illnesses and their treatment under the subject of psychiatry; and a multitude of topics and issues related to daily life, including children and family, under the subject of psychology; and discussions on alcohol, tobacco and other drug use; and many more.

You will have access to many educational material such as videos on a variety of topics related to mental health. Most of these resources are downloadable.

You can contact mentalhelath.lk team including its leader Dr. Mahesh Rajasuriya to discuss your personal mental health needs as well as general topics and projects related to mental health.

You can get access to works of Dr. Mahesh Rajasuriya as an author.



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